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Trade Body Campaign of the Year

Lodestone Communications
The #FixStreaming campaign – Putting money back into the hands of British artists

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“Lodestone were delighted to win the PRCA Trade Body Campaign of the Year which recognises our work on this important issue on behalf of The Musicians’ Union. The campaign to #FixStreaming was aimed at addressing a gap in the law which means that most streaming income ends up going to record labels, rather than musicians. As a result of our work the Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Select Committee released a report calling for a “complete reset” of streaming, endorsing the #FixStreaming campaign’s key asks around the need for a fairer settlement on streaming revenues, and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced its intention to launch an inquiry into the domination of the major music label groups (October 2021)”

Martha Dalton,
Managing Director, Lodestone


Corporate Campaign of the Year

APCO Worldwide
Preventing Surgical Fires: Do You Smell Burning

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“We were delighted to win the PRCA Corporate Campaign of the Year for the Public Affairs Awards in 2022. This award helped highlight the work we undertook on the serious issue of surgical fires in hospital operating theatres. This was a truly integrated campaign using research, stakeholder engagement, public affairs and media relations to inform new national guidance for the NHS. The revised National Safety Standard for Invasive Procedures are a win-win for the NHS and patients alike. Our client, like us, is delighted at the outcome and for helping lead the way in driving progress in this neglected area of patient safety.”

James Tyrrell
Chair, Global Health Practice, APCO Worldwide


Voluntary Sector Campaign of the Year

Citizens Advice
Citizens Advice’s unique advocacy on the cost-of-living crisis

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Having our Cost of Living campaign win at last year’s awards was really rewarding for us at Citizens Advice and a great endorsement of all the work our organisation put in to try and protect our clients from the worst of the crisis. The event was also a real success – meeting different people across the industry and exchanging fruitful ideas about our work!”

Mateo Lazarus-Sanz 
Public Affairs Officer, Citizens Advice

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